Creating a Platform of Liquidity for Buyers and Sellers of Income Stream Products

Income Stream Exchange

Your online marketplace for buying, selling and valuing Income Stream products.

Launched in 2014, the Income Stream Exchange was founded by a team of insurance, internet and investment professionals to fill a void in the fixed interest investment marketplace.


The Income Stream Exchange site offers owners of Income Streams a previously unavailable alternative path to liquidity.

The Income Stream Exchange seeks to change a marketplace where businesses have operated in a vacuum without competition at the public's expense.

Structured Settlements, Income Annuities, Lottery Settlements and other Income Stream products provide safe, steady, dependable flows of income to those who wish to exchange capital for a stream of income.

Our team will strive to improve transparency, value and availability of capital to those interested in selling Income Stream products. We will also offer a diversified portfolio of Income Streams to investors looking for safe, competitive fixed returns.

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Our Mission

It is the Mission of the Income Stream Exchange to provide an online platform for the fair, orderly purchase, sale and valuation of financial instruments which provide streams of income under a contract. The Company's website and friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff will provide buyers and sellers of Income Stream products with the information and support necessary to ensure an educated, legal transfer of these safe, time tested investments alternatives.