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For investors frustrated by a lack of competitive, safe, fixed interest investment alternatives; an Income Stream can provide immediate or deferred returns and absolute safety of principal.

Income Stream products pay under a number of different payout scenarios including monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually, as well as deferred payments.

Investors who purchase Income Streams earn higher returns, pay lower income taxes and have access to their principal

Most existing Income Stream products are purchased under the supervision of a Circuit Court and must be approved by a Judge. This is done in compliance with federal and state statutes designed to ensure sellers are not taken advantage of or lose their ability to support themselves.

Purchasers who fail to acquire an Income Stream via court approval may find their stream of payments subject to a 40% penalty tax on top of the applicable federal and state income taxes. read more>>

Court approval also ensures that the Income Streams are real and that they pass unencumbered to the new owners.

To date, no Insurance Company or State Lottery Commission has failed to pay its scheduled payment obligations, so Income Stream products are historically extremely safe. The Income Stream Exchange gives owners of Structured Settlements, Income Annuities and Lottery Settlements and other Income Stream products exposure to a larger audience of potential buyers.

We've seen the JG Wentworth advertisements with the popular jingles like "I have a structured settlement and I need cash now" or "I have an annuity and I need cash now".

What isn't widely known is that since 1992, JG Wentworth and Peachtree Funding (through a merger completed in 2011) have purchased in excess of $9 billion in future payment obligations, and earning double digit returns in the process, with little risk and no volatility.

The Income Stream Exchange gives investors and owners of Income Stream products a platform to buy, sell and value these powerful financial tools (without expense) as a means of maximizing the outcome of a sale or purchase.