Creating a Platform of Liquidity for Buyers and Sellers of Income Stream Products

What do academics, legal professionals and others say about Structured Settlements?

"I had a workman's compensation settlement annuity that paid me over a 10 year period through an insurance company. After a few years I needed the cash to pay some bills. I wasn't able to get it sold using some of the other more well known structured settlement companies so I called the Income Stream Exchange. My settlement was sold and I got the cash I needed. I feel good about the transaction. I got a lot of disclosure and I know the purchaser of my stream of payments will earn close to 10%. I would recommend the Income Stream Exchange to anyone looking to sell a stream of payments." 

-John Malega, Beaver Meadows, PA

The Structured Settlement has proven so effective at keeping seriously injured and disabled Americans off public assistance that ...Congress amended the tax code to allow for increased use of Structured Settlements in workers' compensation cases.

-William T. Robinson Ill, Esq. Former President of the American Bar Association

Structured Settlements constitute a private sector funding alternative to taxpayer-financed assistance programs to meet the ongoing, long-term medical expenses and basic living needs of seriously injured victims and their families.

-Hon. John Lewis Civil rights leader and member of Congress

Many accident victims don't appreciate the roles that risk and volatility have in investing. Short-term volatility, particularly in the early years, can put your future funding at risk. With a Structured Settlement, you don't have that problem.

-Frank Reilly Professor of Finance University of Notre Dame Business School

I have to say, the checks are there, on time, every single check, consistently, they are there, exactly what they said they would be.

-Roger Greene, Father of a child recipient of a Structured Settlement